In the midst of the bustle of Broadway lies a quaint, simplistic breakfast joint called Morning Collective. Elevated breakfasts and sunrise elixirs is its logo, and it holds to be true. Popular on weekends amongst groups of friends and families with small children, mornings at 9 a.m. can still expect a solid 30 minute wait, but there is a patio outside with cornhole and drinks to make the wait more bearable.

Once the wait was up, this group of three entered the main dining area of the restaurant. A combination of intentional rustic barn house and modern hipster, the space had a summery feel to it. All around, people enjoyed milk and colorful cold beverages out of mason jars (for diners over 21, the morning alcoholic drinks are said to be a show stealer).

To start the meal, water was brought out and a cup of joe ($3, endless refills) was ordered and arrived with a tiny mason jar of cream. The bottomless coffee refills made for a great time filler while we waited for food, as the service was a bit slow on Sunday morning.

This reviewer ordered smoked salmon eggs benedict ($11.00), with a zesty lemon hollandaise sauce that came with an order of tater tots on the side, as well as a quad combination of pancakes ($10) for the table to split. The pancakes were ordered in a mix and match fashion and included: stuffed s’mores, stuffed strawberry cheesecake, stuffed pistachio tres leches and the seasonal blackberry pie.

The salmon eggs benedict were a delectable combination of citrus and cream — when the yolk broke, it mixed wonderfully with the lemon sauce and the sweet salmon, and the tots proved to be a splendid equalizer for the richness.

The four pancakes all provided something unique to the breakfast. The stuffed s’mores was like a dessert with its chocolatey center and powdered sugar topping. The pistachio tres leches was the most unusual of the bunch, with a gooey center of condensed milk and pistachios on top to provide crunch to the dish. The strawberry cheesecake pancake had a savory cream cheese center and a sweet strawberry sauce on top that was refreshing after the other, very rich pancakes. The blackberry pie pancake was similar to the strawberry cheesecake pancake in its fruity, more refreshing texture.

This reviewer also dabbled in some other dishes, including the corned beef hash ($10) and one of Morning Collective’s signature dishes the sunrise crispy rancheros ($8). The rancheros dish is highly recommended, as a perfect blend of flavor with a variety of sauces and beans on your choice of tortillas.

Overall, this reviewer rates the store with a four out of five stars. The food was incredibly tasty with no crumbs left on the plate and in ideal proportions that did not leave one feeling stuffed uncomfortably to the brim. However, the wait at Morning Collective was a bit long. Overall, about two hours were spent at the joint between the wait and the slow service. While we did receive a half refill of coffee, the waitress was not frequently seen.

This did not detract from the overall taste of the food whatsoever, but it is something to keep in mind if you choose to embark on a morning expedition to Morning Collective. Try to make sure to arrive relatively early in the morning as well, since the later the day gets, the longer the wait becomes. Do not go on an empty tank, as the wait will surely leave you hangry. Additionally, make sure to bring good company with you to help pass the time with some conversation and chatter.

4/5 stars


Sunrise crispy rancheros

Location: 2160 S Broadway, Denver, Colo.

Hours: 6:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. everyday