Nicole Johnson | Clarion

On a bright and brisk spring morning in one of the most well-known and appreciated shopping centers of Denver, aromas of delicious pastries and espresso fill Cherry Creek’s blooming walkways, originating from Aviano’s central location of 244 Detroit St. Just a 15-minute drive from DU’s campus, this unique coffee bar is waiting to fulfill your adventurous and hipster alter ego. With a bustling and busy atmosphere, Aviano’s holds true to its reputation as one of the best coffee bars in Denver.

“We make all the same drinks as other places; they’re just the best here, because we know how to make quality,” said a barista at Aviano’s Coffee Bar on why where he works is “one of a kind.” The menu is basic to any coffee shop with espresso ($3.00), Americano ($3.50), cortado ($3.75) and latte ($4.00). Aviano is also known for their superb filter brews ranging from $3.50 to $5, based on which brew you care for. A wide range of teas are priced $3 to $5.

Not only are Aviano’s “Intelligentsia Bean” espresso drinks—sourced by acclaimed Chicago-based roaster—so popular, Aviano’s pastry selection will melt in your mouth and leave you begging for more. Intelligentsia Beans, only available in a handful of coffee shop locations across the country, draw many customers in looking for their classic and rare Intelligentsia Bean espresso drink.

Another rarity Aviano’s offers is Oat Milk, in replacement of the usual two percent, soy or almond milk options. This creamy delight is only offered in an eight-ounce size, yet when paired with espresso, it is the perfect combination of sour espresso and sweet cream. I recommend the eight-ounce Oat Milk Cortado paired with an almond or fruit croissant.

Step into the modern and classy-western building and find yourself welcomed, educated on your drink and treated with some of the best customer service Cherry Creek has to offer. There will most likely be a line, and the antique-filled and spacious room will be filled with well-dressed, coffee-loving customers either meeting with friends or hard at work on their laptops. Customers are always moving around and leaving, so looking for a place to relax is not a problem, and the wait is worth the delicious treat you will enjoy.

Since the store opened in 2013, the staff faces an efficacious crowd every day. Newcomers and regular customers enjoy their drinks seated around bars, study tables, intimate settings and a beautiful outdoor seating in the front of the shop. With a quiet view of Cherry Creek and a beautiful view of the cherry trees in bloom, enjoying a pastry and a latte with friends becomes peaceful and appreciated.

Along with their drinks and pastries, Aviano Coffee Bar sells a variety of products, including their rare Intelligentsia Beans, classic porcelain mugs, teas, tea pots, Chemex coffee filters and unique brands of coffee bean chocolates.

4/5 Stars

Cost: $$

Suggestions: (Drink) Oak Milk Cortado

                   (Pastry) Almond Croissant

Locations: 244 Detroit Street, Cherry Creek

Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-6pm

        Saturday, Sunday 7am-6pm

Parking: Metered