Taryn Allen | Clarion

With February being the month of love, you most likely have many plans to celebrate with you and your partner. To help you celebrate, here is a list of ideas near and far from campus. The following suggestions are split between two locations meant for a splurge and two that won’t break the bank.

1. The Brown Palace Tea


This is the most extravagant and elegant option on this list, and therefore also one of the most expensive. However, it is also maybe the most romantic option. The Brown Palace is a world famous hotel located in downtown Denver. It is renowned for its Old World charm and elegance, and especially for its afternoon tea time that lends one to feeling like European royalty. Open daily 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., the tea service features an array of freshly-made teas with scones, finger sandwiches and live piano and harp music. The tea service also takes place in the hotel’s beautiful atrium lobby. Reservations are recommended. The cheapest tea option comes out to a whopping $40, so the Palace is definitely a splurge, but  it’s maybe the best way to make your special someone feel like a princess/prince. 

2. Sushi Den


If you attend DU, chances are you’ve heard of this award winning sushi restaurant located on Pearl Street, and you’ve probably heard very good things. The fact is, Sushi Den is considered by some to be the absolute best restaurant in Denver and almost unanimously is considered the best sushi in the city. The restaurant has a beautiful, romantic and intimate atmosphere that greatly enhances its already perfected offerings for Valentine’s Day. Book a reservation as early as possible. Much like the Brown Palace, a full meal at Sushi Den is going to cost a pretty penny, but it is  worth the high price. Better Japanese food cannot be found anywhere else within the city, if not much of the country.

3. Deiter’s Chocolates


Located on Evans Avenue next to Illegal Pete’s, Deiter’s Chocolates offers a copious amount of delicious chocolate assortments for your special someone. The shop is locally owned and a follows a long tradition of Bavarian chocolate making. The store is also offering an hour long couple’s date session on Valentine’s Day during which a couple will spend an hour with the chocolatier trying different chocolates, enjoying dipped strawberries and pairing wines.

4. Fiske Planetarium

$ ($10.99 for two people)

Why stay on Earth this Valentine’s Day? The University of Colorado Fiske Planetarium in Boulder offers daily shows (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) that explore space through immersive visual presentations. There might not be food or drink, but this trip through the cosmos offers a different type of romantic experience, one that isn’t bound to simple Earth pleasures. If you are inclined, The Kitchen, Kimbal Musk’s flagship farm-to-table restaurant in Boulder, offers a fantastic post-space travel dining option.