Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Dear Editor,

I sit in class while writing this (don’t tell my professor), and I was struck by the conversations we were having about the possibility of Amazon HQ2 anchoring itself in Denver. I am a born and raised native and I could not be more excited about the possibility of Amazon moving here. When I graduate in two years (hopefully) I want to work and live in a thriving Denver, one that sets a national example of what a modern city should be. Colorado has an opportunity to succeed, but we can only do this with a heavy dose of strategery. Denver’s growth will only be further stressed by the 50,000 additional jobs and the many more to follow. However, the opportunity here to innovate the way cities grow is huge. Denver should be more than willing to take this on, and I know DU will be there to help.

I want to have Amazon, but only if we plan on doing it right. For such rapid growth to occur, and occur well, a Denver/Colorado Strategic Plan needs to be created with the purpose of mitigating the negative impacts of such expansion. Involvement from infrastructure maniacs, policy wonks, economic pioneers and business leaders is all but too needed, this isn’t a conversation for politicians (who have a historic way of fudging things up) this is a conversation for everyone. From activists fighting against gentrification to Mr. Bezos himself, everyone is welcome at this table.

Your move, Denver. Do it right.

Scott Romano

BSBA International Business, BA Economics

University of Denver, 2020