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The rise of kombucha is taking Colorado by storm with more and more restaurants and breweries offering the fermented tea on tap. American Cultures lives in the heart of the Denver Highlands and is every kombucha lover’s dream. With 16 rotating flavors on tap the bucha bar features kombucha from nine local companies.

Walking into American Cultures, your eyes are immediately drawn to the aesthetically pleasing crisp, white chevron-pattern covering the bar, light blue chairs and modern, rustic atmosphere. Growlers line the walls, tempting you to take some of your favorite flavors home.

Originally born out of a mobile food truck, American Cultures is a family-owned establishment with finishing touches like fresh flowers on the tables to prove it.

The menu features a variety of options for your kombucha drinking preferences. You can order a glass for $6, a 32 oz growler for $13 and a 62 oz growler for $22. What I recommend if you plan on sticking around for a while is the flight for $7. Pick any four flavors and you’re ready to take off on your kombucha adventure.

I picked a variety of flavors for my flight. I got the Cherry Limeade by Trubucha, Pineapple Turmeric by Rowdy Mermaid, Ginger Peach by Cliffhouse and Hibiscus Lemon Ginger by Happy Leaf. The Cherry Limeade was the flavor that made this trip for me. With a little bit of sweet and sour mixed into the bubbly, burning sensation that rolls down your throat, Trubucha clearly knows what kombucha fans are looking for.

Another tempting item on the menu is a kombucha float made with organic ice cream. If you are someone who is health conscious but also has a sweet tooth the float is the solution for you.

The menu also offers nitro cold brewed coffee on tap and some tasty snacks. I tried the veggie breakfast burrito for $4. This healthy treat came out piping hot wrapped in aluminum foil making it easy to take on the go. They also offer a bacon burrito, pork or bean tamales and overnight oats.

If you are someone that likes to mix some shopping with your sipping, American Cultures has a wide variety of products for sale. From candles to chapstick, the bar has a large selection of organic and health-conscious items from local vendors.

The staff was friendly and welcoming, and seemed really enthusiastic about sharing their kombucha knowledge with anyone who asked. People filtered in and out of the bar pretty frequently. Some took kombucha to go while others posted up with computers and slowly sipped their probiotic-rich drink.

American Cultures is somewhere to take friends old and new who want to try something healthy and fun. I recommend the flight for new kombucha drinkers who want to get a good idea of what different kombuchas can taste like. For seasoned drinkers I recommend the kombucha float. If you want a light snack the veggie burrito will do the trick. Overall American Cultures is definitely a good place to go when you need a health boost or just want a trendy place to do some work.

4.5/5 stars

Location: 3233 Tejon Street, Denver