Photo courtesy of Connor Davis

If you’re like most DU students, you’re in the library for a few hours a week. You bring your laptop, your books you bought at the bookstore, your laptop and you get to work. And then you leave, walking past those stacks of books that, honestly, as students, we have little time to read. I know, you think Libraries are kinda boring. But AAC has tons of ways to make our time at DU much more rich: literally. Here are some tips and tricks to make the most out of your tuition and your time here at the University of Denver.

Online databases

DU’s Library has one of the greatest online databases in the nation. From up to date modern news outlets, ebooks, film archives and more, the libraries are continuously updating the collections. Our librarians are constantly purchasing the latest print and electronic books and journals, databases and audio and video recordings.

Overdrive: Free audiobooks

Think twice before you buy an audiobook, Overdrive offers thousands of downloadable audiobooks without any cost to you. A great way to make it through the eight required texts of your British Literature class if you ask me. Henry James is a great soundtrack to a three mile jog in the morning. Just nerdy things.

Interlibrary Loan or Prospector

An international service in which library materials are made available from one library to another, again, for free. If a book you need is not available from AAC, simply request it from another library using your DU ID. And like magic, it will appear at the front desk within 3-5 business days.

Carol room

Working on a thesis, research project, or are in a MA, MFA or PhD program? You’re eligible to apply for a Carol room, or a private office within AAC. You can store your books, your papers, and anything else you could need. These rooms are available for a quarter or full academic year depending on your need, and are only accessible by you via your Pioneer ID.

The Library will buy you new books if they don’t have them in the catalog. Literally, if there is a book that they either only have in ebook format or they just don’t have at all, you may request the book at the front desk, and they’ll purchase it for you. As simple as that.