Claire Boggs | Clarion

swanky little gem just a few blocks from campus, it is safe to say that ink! Coffee is my new go to study spot off campus. Ample parking and close proximity are just a few of the high points of this caffeine cabana.

Ink! offers both indoor and outdoor seating options (outdoor is pet friendly) to nestle down with your beverage and laptop. A great selection of iced and hot espresso based drinks, as well as smoothie and tea options, are offered to satisfy beverage consumers across the caffeine spectrum. A semester abroad in Italy has made me a bit of a coffee snob, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed ink!’s cappuccino. For me, a variety of sweetener options is a must, and ink! offers a range of organic, calorie-free and traditional sugars to choose from.

With finals approaching, friendly staff and open wifi make ink! a well-appreciated break from the library. Garage door windows that open when the weather gets nice allow guests to enjoy the beauty of a day in Denver while remaining productive, which is a huge asset during the distractions of the end of the quarter.

Customers are mostly young professionals, giving the shop a hip and urban vibe. Compared to Starbucks, you can expect a more authentic coffee experience and a higher quality beverage. Tea leaves are displayed in glass jars along the counter, and a low display that opens up  to the indoor as well as outdoor seating areas allows you to watch your drink being made (with minimal prepackaged ingredients). You can tell that ink! is a new addition to Bonnie Brae, as the decor is immaculately clean and still feels brand new. With time, I am sure that the shine will fade and ink! will start to feel a little more cozy, but now the exposed wood paneling screams modern  rather than rustic.

If you’re itching for a rad new study spot or are just in the market for a tasty drink, I would highly recommend giving ink! a try. I know that I will be here more and more as the year draws to a close and as Colorado continues to give us beautiful, sunny days.

Location: Bonnie Brae Boulevard and University Boulevard

Price point: $4-$6 for a drink

Seating options: Indoor and outdoor

Pet friendly: Yes