Photo courtesy of FX

If you’re looking for television a little more on the weird side, look no further than FX’s new show “Legion.” Created by Noah Hawley, the program brings the popular “X-Men” franchise to the screen with a few stylish and unexpected twists.

The show goes far beyond what any superhero property has done. Its dark humor makes for a nice style when mixed with trippy visuals and crazy editing, which creates an overall well-written show. It is so far out there, which makes it so lovable right from the start. “Legion” puts you directly into the action and makes you feel immersed like no other show can, which makes it the first true T.V hit of 2017.

After a failed suicide attempt and multiple years in a mental hospital, David, played by Dan Stevens (“The Guest”), spends his days in an asylum with his eccentric friend Lenny, played by Aubrey Plaza (“Parks and Recreation”). David finds out that schizophrenia is the least of his problems and  his whole world is flipped upside down when he begins to realize that there is something extremely different about him, more unique than any other human being or mutant in the world.

The duo of characters are constructed perfectly. These freakish friends mesh together in a way that is darkly hilarious. Stevens immerses himself in his character, lively with every line that he delivers. David is really out there, and sees outlandish people and strange colors and objects that aren’t there with such emotion and grit that it will make some just blatantly laugh.

The script is so well done and it relies heavily on the editing, which makes “Legion” by far the most brilliantly edited show on cable. Funny with quirky one liners, “Legion” has an inventive style to its editing that will remind some of  “Apocalypse Now.”

Darkly rooted with humor, “Legion” has a distinctive tone that features insane visuals that are only to be made more appealing by stylistic choice and a top notch script. Ultimately, this series is spot on and its peaceful moments are what make for a really cryptic and entertaining experience for the viewer.

The show is also almost psychedelic, and it really plays with your head. When you put it all together there is so much life in “Legion” with its characters and the story. It is so out there that one may be hesitant to get themselves into a show that is so different. Regardless, this show will have viewers really thinking about what just happened, because it seems just too unrealistic for a show to be this good, and yet so strange.

As viewers get to see all of David’s paradigms of ultimate power, as it starts to unravel at the threshold of the show, every viewer will be sucked in because of how crazy this show is and what is really going on in the mind of David and his friend Lenny.

At the end of the day, “Legion” is different than your average superhero show. One would see it brings the weird quirky story tellers here to deliver an amazing story- of one man’s talents that exist in his head that can make the most powerful being ever. Though as one such said, “with great power, comes great responsibility,” which can also be said about David, since his responsibility is going to be heavily tested in the season yet to come.

“Legion” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FX.