As part of a new online series called “On Your Mind,” DU MIND, in partnership with the Clarion, is accepting personal works about mental health. Selected works will be published in the Clarion’s online lifestyles section. Submissions may include: narratives, poetry, personal illustrations or any other personal work. Pieces can be submitted here. To submit anonymously, use the following information as your own when prompted by Dropbox:

First Name: Anon
Last Name: Submit

I am so sick and tired of

people who think they

understand my heart

and mind that just wants

happiness that is

unreachable and

unjustified like those

ones who make up

excuses for why they cause

hurt in me day by

day and assume I’ll be

okay tomorrow ‘cause it’s no

bother to abuse

people who have it

hard but easier than

others who cry every

night in the lonely

dark when they feel

misunderstood much like I

do but no one cares ‘cause it’s just