School has officially begun and while I’m not too happy about it, September is my favorite month of the year (and that’s not just because it’s my birth month). The weather is great and we always seem to get amazing new music. So, here are a few tracks that peaked my interest this month.

I’ve been a huge fan of Tinashe for a very long time and when I found out she released a new song this month I got so excited. The track, titled “Company,” is a sexy song about just needing a casual hook up every once and awhile. Between Tinashe’s sultry voice and the hip-hop beats, the song is perfect and always gets me so hyped. It’s pretty clear that she will be releasing more music this year, so be sure to keep an ear out for that.

Another one of my favorite artists, Sylvan Esso, released their first single in awhile, “Radio.” This song is sort of a dig to all the Top 40 radio stars who are per say “slaves to the radio.” I love this track and the fun beat. The song also features a huge helping of shimmering synths, making this a quintessential Sylvan Esso track.

If you’re looking for a solid pop track, but not one from a “slave to the radio,” check out Allie X’s “That’s So Us.” This Canadian songstress has been making some of the best pop music, but hasn’t quite gained much traction in the U.S. “That’s So Us” is a sweet love song with a funky bass line and angelic vocals. Be sure to check out all of Allie X’s music, I’m sure she’ll be the next big thing.

Another lesser known artist, Brayton Bowman, officially released his song “WHAT’S REALLY GOOD?” This song is a diss track for lack of a better term. The brassy backing and Brayton’s unreal voice have a swagger that makes this track great. The sound is super overexposed and chaotic, but that’s what makes this song so cool and unlike anything I’ve heard before.

What So Not released an EP this month as well and the standout track has to be “Montreal” which features Kimbra. “Montreal” has a dark, aggressive vibe that permeates the entire song. It peaks at the drop where the bass fills your ears and the sound gets even more ominous. What So Not was actually in Denver this month and I heard he put on an amazing show.

Some other notable music of this month include Lady Gaga’s pop-punk “Perfect Illusion” and BANKS’ somber, piano ballad “To The Hilt.”
October is sure to bring us a lot of great music as well. The DU group The Northern Empty will be returning in October with a cover of “Hey Ya” by OutKast.” I’ve had the opportunity to see the video early and you all should be very excited, they will definitely be going places.

Photo courtesy of The Northern Empty Facebook page
Photo courtesy of The Northern Empty Facebook page