As part of a new online series called “On Your Mind,” DU MIND, in partnership with the Clarion, is accepting personal works about mental health. Selected works will be published in the Clarion’s online lifestyles section. Submissions may include: narratives, poetry, personal illustrations or any other personal work. Pieces can be submitted here. To submit anonymously, use the following information as your own when prompted by Dropbox:

First Name: Anon
Last Name: Submit

Hey. Dude, your class is that way…

Well then before you go just let me quickly say

You’re my favorite badass, please don’t ever change!

Hey. I know the days seem so gray

So let me take this moment now to say

You’re my sunshine and my very bestest friend

Hey… I didn’t see you today.

So please give me a second just to say

Well… I missed you

Hey… You aren’t eating… you ok?

You won’t listen but I just need to say

You’re beautiful

Hey…. You didn’t leave your room today?

Don’t shrug it off please listen when I say

All your somethings won’t scare me away.

Hey. You threw your drawings away?

Please- I mean it every time I say

You’re so strong and you can do this.

Hey. I saw the razors today.

But dammit I just really need to say

I will always love you.

Hey. I know they all seem to say…

… I know you know what I’m about to say

You’re so important

Hey. I miss you so much it hurts

I wish I had known how to make you see

You were not alone

Hey. I want a sec to say-

It can get better

The feelings can ebb

You are stronger you can beat them

No matter how cliché it seems

The happiness you felt back then…

The sunshine, laughter with your friends

That’ll all come back to you some day.


One truth I know is real

Surrendering can have a dark appeal

But to fight your mind… it’s not easy to endure