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And they lived happily ever after…that is what I want to hear. While it is true that, yes, most

couples do not “live happily ever after” they still have something I don’t, each other. I want to

have someone there that is willing to comfort me when I am down, someone I can comfort. If

only I could find someone to spend the rest of my life with, but none of this will come to

fruition, at least not until I come to terms with who I am.


It would be amazing to go on a date, one where I was actually interested in the person across

the table. It would be great to not feel guilty, or misleading. Someday I hope that I can find that

person who will help me to see things differently.


I seem to think every person that walks by would be the perfect match, but I edge toward

simply focusing on that superficial façade we all portray. Friendships seem to disappear since all

I can focus on is the fact that the person sitting next to me has perfect eyes or hair. I wish I

could say “looks don’t matter” but they seem to matter in some sense. They matter enough to

drive me insane.


The chills I get when I pass one of the jocks on my way to class. If only he were mine…but that

would never happen. Looking back the feelings I have spilled, more or less, seem like what one

would expect of the average teenager, but for me it is different. Why? I am gay.

Gay jocks are hard to come by, and is that actually what I want? More so is this who I want to

be? No. While I would love a tall handsome man, I also want love, not lust. I fear I myself have

in my own thought process leaned too far toward lust, but in the end I know in my heart lust is

not what I want.


I want a happily ever after, but maybe that happily ever after is not in a relationship, maybe it is

not even in being gay. For now, I will pull myself together and try to center myself on moral

objectives rather than where I have been. Maybe if I torture myself enough I will be clean.

If you are just as afraid as I, don’t make the same mistake of hiding from yourself.