People during a past First Friday Art Walk at one of the 70+ galleries. Ruth Hollenback | Clarion

monthly tradition where countless cultures, creativities, foods, drinks, people and, most importantly, arts combine: The Art District on Santa Fe’s First Friday Art Walk returns for another year of festivities.

Over 70 galleries, 5,000 people and massive amounts of talent will be present Friday, Feb. 5 from 5:30 p.m. until 10 p.m. mainly between the blocks of sixth Avenue and 10th Avenue on Santa Fe Drive. The street on these blocks will be closed for the event, allowing everyone to gallivant around the district and absorb the full edifying experience. Each upcoming first Friday of the month will be another opportunity to see new galleries and be amidst more crowds of artistically-appreciative people from all around the city. The following dates are when the next several Art Walks will occur: Mar. 4, April 1, May 6 and every first Friday after that until the next wintry months. Attend this event—one of Denver’s most unique—and expect to experience a night without a dull moment.

The Art Walk, which has been a part of Denver’s art culture for 13 years now, boasts an expressive assortment of fine art, music, food trucks, restaurants, drinks, coffee, dance, wineries, theaters and all other things creative. The Art District provides free shuttle transportation continually through the night until 9:30 p.m. between the Osage light rail station on the east side of the district, West High School on the opposite side and all throughout the street.

No single theme, other than appreciation for arts of all shapes and sizes, links all of the galleries and vendors together on this eclectic street: it is simply a reflection of the boundless array of innovation and individuality present in this city. Artists hungry for the attraction that this Art Walk yields, set up their best exhibits in anticipation for the thousands of art-hungry viewers.

Exit one gallery like the “Equations” by Teresa Booth Brown at the Michael Warren Contemporary gallery, take a few steps and enter a completely different artist’s view of the world, like Georgia Amar’s oil painting, a multi-media exhibit at the Habitat Gallery & Studio. Several more steps, and you may end up at the Mai Wyn Fine Art gallery, currently featuring “CINCH,” Rian Kerrane’s sculptures of cast metal, mixed media and installation focusing on the beauty of normally neglected and boring objects. Step along the street some more and find yourself indulging in food served from one of the many food trucks, or at any of the restaurants along the blocks such as the infamous El Noa Noa, boasting its authentic Mexican dishes.

Any person willing to pioneer the eccentric smells, eye candy, mouth-watering food and thousands of people with this same willingness should not miss out on this chance to meet and experience many of the unique artists that make Denver its unparalleled self.