Photo courtesy of Kindness Yoga

Kindness Yoga, located less than a mile from DU near the intersection of Evans Avenue and Broadway Street, is perfect for both beginning and advanced students. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing solace from studying or a challenging class that will get you into shape and increase your flexibility, Kindness is the place for you to lay your mat.

Kindness Yoga is the second largest yoga chain in Colorado behind CorePower Yoga. Kindness has gained rapid popularity not only because of its versatility, but it’s spiritually sacred atmosphere and incredibly informed teachers who will readily help you find proper alignment in your poses.

Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility and blood flow, as well as increase our mental clarity and relaxation level. Sitting at desks all day during the quarter, all of the above can be compromised. Even a couple classes can make a huge difference in our body’s overall health, well-being and function.

Kindness has several studio spaces in Colorado. The closest to DU is the South Broadway Street location, which used to be an industrial lumber warehouse and an automotive store. Today, it’s an urban oasis for hundreds of students every week. Two large rooms hold over a dozen classes per day, one space with mirrors and one without. The studio offers a large shower room equipped with lockers and plenty of space to get ready for your day on the go.

For newer students, Peret Martinelli or William Baldry teach great entry level Vinyasa/Yin classes throughout the week. For more intermediate difficulty, Jarrod Fasser and Jordan Smiley will help you break a sweat without breaking your back. If you’re looking for a challenging, heartbeat elevating flow, David Scott and Jen Hicks teach weekly at the advanced level.

Kindness offers all of their classes for your choice of donation. A recommended class donation is around ten to twenty dollars, but Kindness welcomes any donation amount, and they’re always grateful for new students to come and check out the studio. Kindness also offers clean mats to borrow for any student, free of charge.

Unlike CorePower, Kindness is a company that cares about each and every individual who walks inside the studio. The studio has a warm, welcoming light that lingers throughout the rest of your day after a practice. One can always anticipate that they’ll learn something from their teacher, or look at the world a little differently afterward. Kindness is motivated to teach students about holistic health, rather than help them merely achieve a pose.

Yoga not only changes the way we look at the world, it changes the way we look at ourselves, and the way we move throughout the world. Kindness Yoga is a great studio to start your practice, and although yoga is not for everyone, it is guaranteed to help your health.