Claire Boggs | Clarion

Just a few blocks east of Colorado, Copper Door Coffee Roasters is pressing the norm in the best of ways when it comes to small scale coffee houses.

Let’s get something clear, Copper Door Coffee Roasters sells amazing coffee. But, their company goes so much deeper than producing a great product.Copper Door Coffee does things sustainably, and they do things well. With a true corporate commitment to the environment, the community and their customers, I am so happy that I discovered this little gem.

Copper Door Coffee Roasters is a venue that really cares. A quick glance at their website and you will uncover pages of how Copper Door works to create good through coffee beans, they are doing a rock-star job of implementing practices of corporate citizenship.  

These espresso aficionados put so much love and mindfulness into their beans, each cup is an unique and noteworthy experience. Copper Door Coffee offers 17 different kinds of coffee beans, all of which have their own profile which outlines where the bean was sourced, the tasting notes and a short bio about the beans personalities. This isn’t just any old bean water people, these are magic beans made by farmers making conscious practice efforts in developing countries.

Their website has an entire section titled “Our Dedication to the Environment.” My inner conscious consumer is thriving. Copper Door Coffee is roasted with 100% locally sourced wind power and all of their paper products are compostable. Plus, they’re a small and local company 100% female owned. These lady bosses are really killing the coffee game, and I am more than happy to support. Copper Door Coffee is a relatively new company as well. They have only been around since 2006 and operated exclusively in wholesale up until 2014, at which point they blessed us all with their quaint little store front and café.

From an aesthetic standpoint, they run laps around the big-name competitors as well. A black and red checkerboard floor is covered in old wooden furniture and copper topped tables, with an accent wall made of old, white, wooden doors I firmly believe that what kind of sweeteners a coffee shop offers tells you everything you need to know about it, and Copper Door Coffee has sugar in the raw and stevia sweetener.

Plus, let’s just talk about their prices. I ordered a cappuccino and a hot tea for less than what I would have paid for one drink at Starbucks, and dare I say it, I liked Copper Door’s coffee more. As if there is anything else that could make me fall further in love with Copper Door Coffee, they are a laptop friendly workspace with free wifi for their customers. They have food too: breakfast sandwiches, burritos and baked goods are just a few of the options, but considering that I will be living here from this point on, I appreciate that they offer more nutrients than the steamed milk in their addictive cappuccino’s.