Letter from the Editor: Sydney Kapp signs off


Dear readers,

Not to sound too cheesy, but walking into the Clarion office that Monday night freshman year was by far the best decision I have made throughout my college career (shout out to Taryn Allen for dragging me along).

Though InDesign has made me stress cry on more than one occasion and coming home to a pile of homework after a long night is not always ideal, the memories made in that office will never be forgotten.

I’m extremely thankful for the opportunities the Clarion has provided me. It has helped improve my writing, taught me important editing skills and introduced me to some of the most outstanding people. I wouldn’t trade the arguments over music, the late nights full of laughter and queso or all our mutual love of dogs for anything.

With that, I would like to thank Jill and Kellsie first and foremost for giving me this amazing opportunity as well as helping make the paper what it is today. I would also like to thank John and Ryan, our amazing leaders, for seamlessly taking over the paper and always encouraging me and the rest of the staff in our duties. To my fellow section editors, thank you for putting up with my random thoughts and comments as well as always sending me DU View photos every week. Last but not least, thank you to my writers for always making this job fun and easy, as well as reviewing new restaurants each week for The Grind so I always have a new place to eat.

I am excited to pass off this wonderful position to AnnMarie Marlow and Kendall Morris, who I am confident will be amazing in this role, as well as continue on my love for Mexican food reviews in The Grind.

Thank you all,

Sydney Kapp

Lifestyles Editor Sydney Kapp is a sophomore from Cheyenne, Wyoming. She is studying Political Science with a focus in American Politics and Journalism. She is a lover of dogs, Florence + the Machine, and Indian Food.

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