Letter from the Editor: Braiden Albrecht-Reed signs off


When I first began writing for the Clarion in 2014, I never expected to enter into a leadership role within the club. When I first arrived, I wasn’t sure where my place would be, or if there even was a place for me, as I’d never been apart of a school newspaper.

I soon realized the importance of the student-run publication, as it functions as a platform for people to explore their talents and a meeting area for friendships to be made. Connor Davis, the Editor in Chief when I joined, allowed me the freedom and showed the confidence in me to start my own column, The Big Leagues. I want to extend a thank you to Connor, as that focus on writers’ personal interests and keeping flexibility defined the Clarion as a thoughtful and uplifting place to be.

I also want to thank Jillian Queri, a former Editor-in-Chief, but also the Sports Editor before me, for believing in me every step of the way. Her guidance and patience was critical for not only me, but everyone else she helped at the newspaper.

The Clarion is in good hands moving forward, and I wish all the best to John Poe and Ryan Ninesling and all of the new editors, in their future with the paper.

My final thank you goes to my grandpa, who helped raise me for the first few years of my life and remained a significant part of it growing up. A former high school English teacher, he instilled most all of my writing skills, as well as a passion for sports. The week after he passed away my sophomore year, I was ironically pitched a story about the Colorado Rockies, his favorite team. It’s been a special journey for me at DU, but it wouldn’t have been possible without my grandfather.

Overall, it’s been a privilege covering DU sports for the past three years. I grew up in Aurora, idolizing DU hockey players like Connor James and Peter Mannino, and celebrated when they won their National Championships in 2004 and 2005. It was only fitting that they won the championship again, this time when I was a senior at the school.

Braiden is a senior at the University of Denver and currently in his third year working in the sports section at The Clarion. Originally from Aurora, Colorado, he is studying Finance, Economics and Data Analytics in the Daniels College of Business. He is also involved on campus with the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity and was previously a Resident Assistant. He enjoys rooting for the Broncos, Avalanche, Nuggets, Marlins, Buffaloes and of course, the Pioneers. In his free time, as well as playing basketball and hockey.

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