Grace Houser | Clarion

Spring Quarter at DU can be a serious challenge as the sun makes a solid appearance, adventure calls and we can all see summer just around the corner. However, it is important to try and finish the year strong, and here are five things you can do to try and find your lost spring motivation.

1. Download a new study playlist to get you through the long hours at the library

Listening to the same playlist over and over may be ritual to you at this point in your college career. We all have those few key songs that get us through the late night cramming or long hours spent doing homework at the library, but a little change could be exactly what you need. If you are at a loss for what to listen to, Spotify has countless jamming playlist potentials, and one of the millions is sure to satisfy your study needs and motivate you to finish this Spring Quarter strong. “Your Favorite Coffeehouse,” “Brain Food” and “The Most Beautiful Songs in the World” are a few playlists you could start with. 

2. Find a new outdoor study spot

We all fall into a routine of struggling with the loads of spring homework professors like to dump on their students midway through the quarter. But, trying out new study spots never hurt anyone. The new location for Beans is a great place to start, with the same delicious drinks and superb customer service. With large indoor and outdoor study space, Beans may be the answer to your lost motivation. Both Beans locations offer an outdoor seating option, which many students appreciate. If you prefer more of an outdoorsy experience, hammocking while doing homework is a fun way to get through all the treacherous work. There are plenty in neighboring parks that offer locations where studying while hammocking is an option.

3. Find something fun to do with your study breaks: visit parks in the area

No matter how hard we try to get work done, breaks are a necessity for the busy day of a DU student. With your needed break time, try and find something to do in the sun. There is an abundance of opportunities with Washington Park, Observatory Park and Veterans Parkall within a few miles of campus. Whether your break is utilized with a run through the park, Frisbee with friends or even lounging in the grass, sometimes those sun rays are all you need to get through the day. Even a short day hike in Boulder could be the break from your studies that you need.

4. Ben and Jerry’s is the perfect accessory for the library or class

Sometimes, a scoop of Ben and Jerry’s is worth the $3.99 if it means less stress in class or while you study. Instead of sitting through your afternoon class nodding off, let a scoop of ice cream give you energy and motivation to pay attention and learn something new in class.

5. Remember that there are only three more Mondays left in the quarter!!

Don’t forget that you are almost done. It won’t be long until you experience the freedom of summer. Try and keep in mind that the struggle of Spring Quarter is almost over, and that a (hopefully) carefree and adventure-filled summer is just around the corner.