For the Pios that are finishing their first year of college, it can be difficult to navigate the end of the year. Although students get excited to have a break from the work load and see their hometown friends again, there are  several things to do before the fun can begin.

First and foremost is to begin to organize, pack and store belongings before leaving for summer.  It can seem like belongings in the dorm have managed to multiply, but there are ways to combat that. It can be beneficial to consider in advance if it would be best to bring everything back home or store it. Two companies DU supports are K&N Storage and College Student Storage. Both are in the area and are good options for students with more than they want to bring home. Also, find out what way is best to get home, whether it be by car or plane. Finally, consider who may come out to help with the packing up, such as family or friends.

Another task to do on campus is return any textbooks that may be rentals to avoid major charges. This can seem tedious but can be easily forgotten in the hectic nature of the end of the year.

As far as summer itself, consider reaching out to employers about potential summer jobs or internships to be involved with. Whether it is a previous job before college or something new, summer is the perfect time to work and make money for the coming school year. They are also a beneficial credential to be able to list on resumes for the future, as well as a way to combat potential summer boredom.

May is a great time to start talking to friends from home to find out when they are out of school and when it would be possible to meet up for a reunion. It can be refreshing to spend time with old friends, and it will help to stay occupied throughout the break. Many students also take this time to make travel plans with friends and family to have a vacation to look forward to.

Most importantly: enjoy these last few weeks. It is a time to spend with new friends and look back on a crazy and far too fast year. Take advantage of DU activities such as May Days, starting May 22, as well as MusicFest with DRAM on May 26. These are ways to enjoy final school activities that are designed to be fun stress relief during a busy time. Last but not least, plan a final night to spend time with friends and celebrate the end of the year at a restaurant  downtown Denver, Cherry Creek or on Pearl Street. A few student favorites include Sushi Den, North and Kaos Pizza.