Nicole Johnson | Clarion

Nobody likes to show up to class sweating; the struggle of finding a seat, heaving your backpack off your shoulder and wiping the sweat off your brow is not fun. With Denver’s spring weather—going from winter to spring all in one day—this is often the case.

Students from all around the country and world come to Denver for school and many do not prepare for the unusual weather patterns Colorado has to offer. Often times, when students contact home on gloomy days, their parents and friends are enjoying the sun of California or dry heat of New Mexico or Arizona. Colorado spring is most definitely a transition many students struggle with.

Addi Guskey, a sophomore studying biology, chemistry and math from Illinois, offers a solution: “It’s all about layers.” Guskey is an avid hiker and adventurer, and she stresses being prepared for any weather throughout the day. Whether Addi is hiking in the mountains or simply walking to class, she is sure to have too many clothes either on her body or in her backpack.

Typically, layers include a light shirt with a hoodie/sweater topped with a jacket—depending on how chilly the morning weather is. This functional outfit applies to both men and women, and each layer sheds effortlessly throughout the day as students are able to maintain their fashionable and practical look.

Haleigh Tharp, a sophomore studying marketing and communications from San Diego, has a lot to say about how she combats the confusing Denver weather. “I make sure to check the weather before I head out the door, and I like to go home and change between classes, especially on the days that the weather changes every three seconds.” Tharp suggests a leather or jean jacket as her “absolute go-to” for spring weather. “This is the perfect accessory to a spring day, because it can be layered with a tee or tank when it’s a little warmer or a long sleeve or sweater when it’s colder out.”

Tharp shares her ideas as she blogs on the “Babe Bulletin,” where she offers advice on “college, health, style and everything in-between.” Whether you blog your fashion advice or overdress for the possibility of colder weather, there are many solutions to the weather transitions throughout the typical Denver spring day. No matter what, we are all bound to catch ourselves unprepared in certain circumstances, so the best solution of all is to try and go with the flow and appreciate the surprising weather mother nature likes to throw at us.