Best things to do this summer


As the school year comes to a close, Pios are looking forward to their three months of summer vacation bliss. This time is often filled with work, sun and adventure. Sometimes it can feel difficult to find things to do or choose how to spend the break however, so here are the things that are a must-do during time away from school.

First and foremost is to go on a road trip because many students start their summer with a long drive home. Road trips are a ton of fun in the summer because the windows are rolled down, music is playing and driving out of Colorado can be stunning. Whether the time is spent with friends, family or alone, road trips are a blast and a perfect kick off to summer.

Another fun thing to do in the summer is tie-dye T-shirts. Although this is a small activity, making tie dye clothes is a great way to create DIY summery clothes that can be worn all break long. Try out a few different clothing items and throw a little tie-dye party in the backyard.

A couple outdoor must-dos are to take a hike and visit a local state park. Although Colorado is one of the hands-down best states to hike, there are trails all over the country to check out. It is worth the time to explore a new area and take advantage of whatever local nature that’s available.

An all time favorite summer activity is to watch the sunrise at least once. Even though the summer months mean very early sunrises, it is worth waking up early to take it all in. It’s especially worthwhile to find a spot by the water, on a roof or somewhere with a great view.

A highlight in everyones summer is if they have concert or outdoor festival plans. Often times, summer has the best venues and are the perfect time to be outside in warm air enjoying a variety of music. There are tons of bands and performers touring during summer and there are all kinds of tickets available.

A classic of summer is also to go to a movie in the park. Although this one is simple, it is a fun summer staple reminiscent of childhood. It is also easily accessible since practically every city has an outdoor movie screen set up on those warm summer nights.

Last but not least is just to try new things. Summer break for college students means jobs, hometown friends, internships in new cities and going back to childhood homes, but most importantly it is a chance to take advantage of opportunities that seemed unimportant before college. Whatever it means for each student, take this break to explore new places, be outside as much as possible and enjoy this downtime for three blissful months.

Grace is a freshman from the suburbs of Chicago. Born in Alaska, raised in California, and now a Midwest native, she seeks adventure through hiking, skiing and exploring the outdoors in whatever way it surrounds her. Grace fills her free time with nature, photography, good music and lives for rainy days in fall and spring. She also has a passion for traveling and can’t wait to see more of the world.

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