Best Denver thrift stores to explore


Whether you want to save some cash on your next pair of Levi’s or you’re tired of the same old Urban Outfitters aesthetic, vintage boutiques and thrift stores are your best options. The next time you find yourself on Broadway stop in a few of these shops and peruse the aisles for some gently-used finds.

AnnMarie Marlow | Clarion

Boss Vintage offers styles from the frills and crinolines of the late 19 century to the crushed velvet of the 1980s. The quaint shop utilizes every inch of space to showcase their treasured goods. The most eye-catching of displays is the wall of multi-colored costume wigs. In close second is their collection of silky slip dresses, each one begging to be paired with leather boots and red lipstick. While the store is not cheap, the prices are modest in consideration of the quality and the novelty of each item.

The ARC Thrift Stores are part of a Denver non-profit organization that donates their proceeds to ARC chapters and the Association for Community Living. Their mission revolves around bettering the lives of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Beyond the great cause and the kind staff, the store has an impressive and organized selection of gently-used clothing as well as home goods. You can find just about any style you are looking for amidst one of their crowded racks. They can boast everything from Cosby sweaters to distressed Levi’s and vintage leather loafers. Plus you can pick up a new Stephen King from the shelves of bestsellers hidden in the back corner of the shop.

Along with these merits, the prices at ARC Thrift are very affordable. If you find the pair of jeans you’ve been searching for, but they are a little too long in the leg, simply take them to a tailor shop, like Erol’s Tailoring and Alterations near Cherry Creek, to get them hemmed. The overall price will still be less than what you would normally pay at a department store.

Buffalo Exchange is a cultivated consignment shop where you can sell your clothes and either receive cash in exchange or trade for in-store credit. Besides the store’s intriguing interior design combination of bold and contemporary color schemes and rustic, western furniture, their clothing selection is unmatchable. You can find brands from Miu Miu to Free People and Steve Madden. The buyers at Buffalo Exchange are very picky in what they will take from you, resulting in high quality pieces but also resulting in higher prices than your average consignment shop. However, if you are willing to hunt through the racks, you can usually find some bargain gems.

Now that the Denver weather has become relatively consistent in temperature, perhaps it’s time to officially toss the sweaters aside and evaluate your summer wardrobe. Before you stuff your winter clothes into a bin in the attic, sift through what you have for anything that could be sold or traded for a few new summer pieces at Buffalo Exchange. Instead of running to Cherry Creek to check out the new seasonal trends, stop in ARC Thrift or Boss Vintage to find a look that will set you apart from the crowd.

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