Grace Carson | Clarion

Students from all groups on campus united together on April 12 in front of the Free Speech Wall to celebrate empathy and acceptance and to peacefully protest the use of “political incorrectness” as an excuse for hate.

The rally was in response to the DU Young Americans for Freedom’s event, “Political Incorrectness: A Celebration of Free Speech at DU.”

The rally gave a chance for students to gather in a space filled with love and support for one another, relax, dance to music and eat pizza. Each student who attended helped paint the Free Speech Wall.

One side was a re-creation of the Pride Flag in honor of the flag’s creator Gilbert Baker, who recently passed away on March 31. The words “your story isn’t over yet” with a semicolon was in honor of Project Semicolon’s founder Amy Bleuel, who passed away on March 29. The other side had the words “political incorrectness is no excuse for hate” with everyone’s signatures surrounding it.

This event included participation from students throughout all organizations on campus, and was a time to celebrate diversity, inspire hope and unify DU.