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It is always great to have a new film to binge watch, but Sandy Wexler” is not one. Adam Sandler’s new film is by far the worst movie of 2017. The star-studded cast, which consists of Jennifer Hudson (“Sing”) as Courtney Clarke, Kevin James (“Paul Blart: Mall Cop”) as Ted Rafferty and Terry Crews (“ Brooklyn Nine Nine”) as “Bedtime” Bobby Barnes, cannot save this failure of a film.

“Sandy Wexler’s” plot as a whole isn’t that heavy or interesting. It revolves around Sandy Wexler who lives in L.A. and his failure as a talent manager. As Sandy Wexler finds interest in a performer at a theme park, by the name of Courtney Clarke he successfully becomes her talent manager. Soon after, he starts to assist Courtney in making herself a recognized name in the music industry. Courtney’s popularity increases and so does Sandy Wexler’s love for Courtney. Sandy’s problem is that he worries about others rather than himself, as he finds who he truly is, and hopefully wins back the heart of Courtney.  

The acting in the film is just bad. Adam Sandler uses an accent that sounds like an overdone account of his character in Happy Gilmore. Adam Sandler acts like every other film he is in, like a bit of a low life and someone in a mid-life crisis, which is shameful. Jennifer Hudson does a decent job as Courtney, a rising singer who goes from shame to fame. She is sometimes quirky, but some of her actions don’t make sense.  

Besides that, the jokes in this film are so unenjoyable that it is hard not to get turned off. Things from a puppeteer hanging himself, to an absurd amount of slapstick humor make the film look like it’s trying too hard to win you over. Though at times jokes from cameos such as Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno can crack up some laughs, overall, the jokes make for a failed and lackluster film.

The one thing that the Sandy Wexler does an okay job is in its characters, as each character has a bit of a story. We see Kevin James’s character as a puppeteer and Terry Crews as a wrestler with a weird baby alter ego who is named “Bedtime” Bobby Barnes.

At the end of the day, it’s just another Adam Sandler Netflix film, which takes on a failing talent manager and the rough bumps along the way.It’s Adam Sandler’s way of showing what a mid life crisis does to a talented actor and as a result gave the community this film. Honestly, the biggest problem this film has is its sense of humor, which is like a long day of school: tiring and unenjoyable.

The star-studded cast cannot help this film; its running time of two hours and 11 minutes makes it a chore to watch this film. Everything from the acting is terrible, and the plot is not even interesting with terrible jokes. The only thing here is an interesting group of characters. It would be really interesting to see a film about Terry Crews’s character as the “Bedtime” Bobby Barnes. Though besides that this movie is nothing more than another failure by the aging Adam Sandler.

The big takeaway from this film is, do not watch “Sandy Wexler.” If you thought being a talent manager would be a cool job, think again because honestly nothing about it is fun, especially in Netflix’s flunk of a film, streaming now.