Connor W. Davis | Clarion

Looking to get swole before spring break? Want to get rid of some finals stress with exercise? Too intimidated to go to the gym by yourself? Take advantage of the group fitness classes offered in the Coors Fitness Center at the Ritchie Center on campus. They’re fun, close and best of all, free.

The Center offers a variety of classes for all fitness levels in multiple categories of exercise: cycling, yoga, pilates, dance, cardio and strength. Classes are spread throughout the week, from as early as 6 a.m. to as late as 6:30 p.m.

Every class is totally free of charge with your tuition as a DU student. Simply walk into the Fitness Center, swipe your Pioneer card and you’ll be clear to take a quick walk up the stairs to find the studio in which your class is located.

Sunrise Yoga, offered every Thursday morning at 6:30 a.m., is an excellent choice for a relaxing way to get in tune with your body. The class is light and relatively slow-paced, likely the best choice for beginners out of the yoga classes offered.

With the additions of a peaceful smell of candles and an extended session of corpse pose with the lights-out at the end of class, it’s sure to leave you loosened up and ready to take on a full day of classes.

Other low-impact yoga offerings include Hatha and Restoration Yoga classes, and those looking for a more intense workout can try the Intermediate, 75-minute Vinyasa, Power or Yoga Sculpt varieties.

For a more high-impact general workout, cycling classes are definitely recommended. Many class times are offered with different instructors, including the charismatic Eric Short, who described his Thursday at noon class as an intense, non-stop session focused on power.

Utilizing high-tech 24 speed stationary cycles with heart rate and distance monitors, this class featured timed sprints, periods of climbing and motivational music and voice guidance from Short. It seems to be the ideal choice for those looking to train for competitive cycling events.

With high-quality instruction and a myriad of available classes and times, the FitnessCenter group classes are certainly worth checking out during your time at DU.

The full schedule of class and times can be found on the Ritchie Center website.