Madison Heller | Clarion

For those that are stuck with renting skis or snowboards for the winter, it can be a major hassle to find inexpensive and quality rentals.

First thing first, it is important to note that the closer you get to the mountains, the more expensive rentals become. So the next time you need skis or a board, be sure to rent in the city before making the drive up I-70.

Colorado Sports Center in Arvada: 19 miles from DU

Ski packages (skis, poles, boots, bindings) are $16 for a day, with snowboard packages running at $23 per day.

Eskimo Ski and Board in Centennial: 9.8 miles from DU

Eskimo offers ski packages for $25 per day, with each additional day costing $20. Snowboard packages are $30 a day, with the same extra day deal as the skis.

Lenny’s Ski and Golf in Aurora: 5.7 miles from DU

Lenny’s offers ski packages for $21 per day and snowboard packages for $30 per day.

Breeze Ski Rentals in Lakewood: 11.5 miles from DU, on the way to the mountains.

Ski packages at Breeze are $32 for the day but if reserved online the price drops to $24 per day. For snowboards, the same policy applies, $42 for the day in shop, $31.50 if reserved online.