Georga Feek | Clarion

The word “colorado” is Spanish and can literally be translated to “color red.”  It’s not hard to imagine how our beautiful state got its name. Colorado is rich with natural beauty, from Red Rocks to Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods to the Great Sand Dunes and Lake Granby to  Mount Evans. The magnificent scenery is only amplified in the fall when the leaves start changing colors from green to yellow, orange and red. The leaves don’t last long, thoughso be sure to take a drive and snap some pictures before it’s too late.

Scattered throughout our state, one can see many scenes of changing aspens and other trees. In Winter Park, the leaves provide a vibrant backdrop for many fall activities. A great way to experience the changing seasons for tourists and locals alike is through an aerial view of the transitioning forest while riding in a hot air balloon. Colorado Hot Air Balloon Rides and Grand Adventures are two good companies to use for your scenic adventures this fall. A less extravagant experience, but with the same beautiful scenery, can be a simple drive around Grand County that will yield many picturesque shots.

Colorado is also famous for its countless hiking opportunities, so no matter where you go, there will be thousands of vividly colored leaves littering the earth or dancing in the autumn breeze. Whether you choose to summit a fourteener or take a casual stroll through a park, you’re bound to see brilliant shades of orange and red.

The Incline in Colorado Springs is a fantastic hike that will give you a great leg workout and end with stunning views. Thousands of trees are there to please the eye.

Closer to DU, there are many quality hikes at Red Rocks where you can meander through the rocks; or, you can simply stroll through campus to take in the beautiful color show right in our own backyard.