Any suspicious activity should be reported to Campus Safety at 303-871-3000. Photo by Gusto Kubiak | Clarion

Campus Safety is an organization specific to DU and is essentially the police organization of campus. They are a resource available to students 24 hours a day for both emergency and nonemergency situations alike and are focused on creating a community-friendly environment on campus while solving problems that affect the safety and daily lives of students.

If there is ever a situation in which a student feels unsafe, they are encouraged to call Campus Safety. There are two categories for when students may call: emergency and non-emergency situations.

Students are encouraged to call the non-emergency number if they require an escort home from a party or to report suspicious activity, such as a sketchy person lurking around campus.

Emergency situations are categorized as life threatening and Campus Safety stresses that students call 911 first and then Campus Safety’s emergency number. Emergency situations can include anything from sexual or physical assault to alcohol poisoning.

There is even an Anonymous Tip Line which students can call if they would like to report an incident and keep their confidentiality

Campus Safety also issues alerts to students when there is a situation they need to be cautionary about, including crime reports from incidences that occur around campus. These reports can range from sexual assault to robbery, and students can be notified via email, text or phone call.

If a student is ever in a situation in which they are in need of help, they should not hesitate in calling Campus Safety for assistance.

Non-Emergency: (303)-871-2334

Emergency: 911 then (303)-871-3000

Anonymous Tip Line: (303)-871-3130