Getting a puppy is all fun and games until it’s two in the morning and you are giving him a bath because he got sick and pooped in his kennel and then rolled around in it.

Needless to say, Otto wasn’t particularly up for anything big this weekend. It was a little “Episode III- Revenge of the S**t” around here. Instead, him and I took a walk around the local Greenway, which isn’t exactly hiking, but it’s still beautiful and very nature-esque.

To the naked eye, the Greater Cheyenne Greenway looks just like a common concrete path. However, it’s a vibrant recreational pathway that is a “key component of the non-motorized transportation system; an open-air science, ecology, history, and health classroom for students of all ages,” according to the Greater Cheyenne Greenway website. The features makes it a hike you can take just outside your front door.

The Greenway goes all over town; from the neighborhoods in Western Hills, to the local community college: Laramie County Community College. The Greenway also segments across creeks like Dry Creek and Crow Creek. While it wasn’t like last weekend where Otto got to swim around and cool off, the beautiful Cottonwood trees that can be spotted throughout the Greenway and Cheyenne provided a nice, shady walk.

The Greenway itself is a safe, controlled environment to take your dog. Intersecting with parks all over town, your dog is not only able to walk by your side, but you can also take “fetch” breaks.

Along with the problems of keeping strangers from constantly petting your dog, the fear of burnt paws from hot concrete can also prove to be an issue when walking along the Greenway. Hot asphalt can burn the bottom of your dog’s paws. In order to prevent this from happening, walking your dog in the grass, or testing the asphalt/cement with the back of your hand can stop any painful paw-burns from occurring.

Sorry again for the low-key “hike” we had this weekend. However, with all the festivities happening and Otto’s unfortunate bowel-movements, there was not much more we could do.

However, next weekend will be a particularly good hike, so stay tuned!