The University of Denver women’s tennis team poses on their home court with their racquets in front of Magness Arena on the DU campus during the 2015-16 season. Photo courtesy of DU women's tennis

This past weekend, May 13 and 14, the women’s and men’s tennis teams competed in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately, neither team made it past this first round. Heading into the tournament, the women’s team was ranked No. 48 and the men’s team was also ranked No. 48.

The women’s team traveled to Stanford University in California to compete against No. 19, Texas A&M University. In singles play, junior Maureen Slattery (Newport News, Virginia), senior Charlotte Derbyshire (Stockton, England) and senior Evy Van Genechten (Antwerp, Belgium) all lost their matches. Junior Morgan Barnhill (Austin, Texas), freshman Bianca Mok (Boise, Idaho) and sophomore Julia O’Loughlin (Highland Beach, Florida) had their matches suspended, resulting in incomplete results.

DU did pick up one victory on the day with the doubles team of O’Loughlin and Slattery’s 6-2 win. The DU women lost with a final score of 4-0, allowing Texas A&M to advance in the tournament.

The DU women’s team finished the season with an impressive 21-3 record.

The men’s team competed at the University of California-Berkeley against No. 29, University of Mississippi. DU won on the doubles front but lost in singles play. Senior David Fox (Chipstead, United Kingdom) and sophomore Wyatt Lovera (Miami, Florida) won their singles competitions. The other four competitors, including senior Henry Craig (Murrieta, California), junior Diogo Rocha (Lisbon, Portugal), junior Yannik James (St. Georges, Grenada) and junior Alex Gasson (Alton, United Kingdom), did not.

In doubles play, the teams of Craig and Gasson, as well as James and sophomore Jesse Ruder-Hook (Denver), were victorious. Unfortunately, winning doubles was not enough to win the meet, and DU lost to the University of Mississippi with a final score of 4-3.

The men’s team finished the season with an overall record of 18-8.

Both the women’s and men’s team earned a Summit League Championship title for the third year in a row earlier in the month.