Alex Turner and Miles Kane form The Last Shadow Puppets, who are coming out with a new album. Photo courtesy of

There are not too many big-name albums coming out this April, but that is no excuse to ignore the music scene this month. There are still some great works set for release in the next few weeks, so do not miss out.

On April 1, The Last Shadow Puppets will drop “Everything You’ve Come to Expect.” This group is lesser known, though they have been active since 2007. The Last Shadow Puppets is comprised of four members who perform baroque-style pop music. They are comparable to the group the Arctic Monkeys, since the lead singer, Alex Turner, is the same for both. “Everything You’ve Come to Expect” will be the band’s second album. The label has already released the title song and two other tracks from the album, and it seems promising.

Also on April 1, the band Weezer will release its new album entitled “Weezer.” The band is an alternative rock and pop group, founded in 1992. They have successfully produced many albums over the years, and their newest should be just as great. Some of Weezer’s top hits include “Say It Ain’t So,” “Island in the Sun,” “The Sweater Song” and “Buddy Holly.”

On the same day, hard southern rock group Black Stone Cherry will release “Kentucky.” The band was founded in 2001 as a hard rock group. This will be the band’s fifth album, and though they have recently changed record labels, an album named after their location of origin promises a great return to the group’s roots.

Later, on April 8, “Cleopatra” will be released by The Lumineers. This group is based in Denver and it was founded in 2002 as an indie rock band. The band has slowly gained popularity over the years, and their recent work includes writing a track for “The Walking Dead” and the song “The Hanging Tree,” which premiered in the third film installment of “The Hunger Games” and went on to top charts in multiple countries. The Lumineers’ newest album, “Cleopatra,” is long-awaited and should be a hit.

One album that all Denver residents should check out is “Denver,” the new album from Neil Michael Hagerty and The Howling Hex! Hagerty and The Howling Hex! are continuing their work together from years past, and this album encompasses their talents. It is said to be overflowing with energy and great rock and roll. It is definitely one to check out, if even only for its namesake.

A final album to wait for is “Views from the 6,” by rapper and singer Drake, which has an unknown exact release date, though it should be sometime soon. Keep an eye out for all the music to be released in the coming weeks—it will not disappoint.