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the beginning and the end

The end was followed by a beginning and this beginning was the start of an end.
This end was the end of a time, a time where there was music and there were flowers

and this beginning was the beginning of a time where there were pills and there was a


The end was brought on by a trip, a trip to the doctors and the beginning was started by a

diagnosis and a prescription.

The end meant that there was no longer an “okay” and the beginning meant that there was only

getting better.

People say “it will get better” but the problem is that “it” is different for every single person.
The “it” for someone might get better the next day and the “it” for someone else might never get


That is something that I have learned.
That people lie in order to make themselves look positive and understanding.
Darkness is hurt by the light and the light cannot shine in a black hole.
The black hole that was started by the end, the end of a time, the end of you, and the end of


The beginning was a pill bottle.
A bottle that was supposed to end the sadness but instead engulfed it.
The beginning was numb.
While although there was no sadness, there was also no happiness.
The beginning started an end.
An end to a life.
A life that had no meaning to the mouth that swallowed the pills.
A life is not a life when it has no spark.
The spark was there in the beginning and the end dulled the spark.
The end lasted a few years.
The few years were the end.
The end was not what was expected.
This end was an end of the bottle.
The end brought a beginning.
This beginning was a spark.
It was a life.
The beginning was brought to an end that created a beginning.
Just like that the black hole was nonexistent and what was left was an old prescription and a