As part of a new online series called “On Your Mind,” DU MIND, in partnership with the Clarion, is accepting personal works about mental health. Selected works will be published in the Clarion’s online lifestyles section. Submissions may include: narratives, poetry, personal illustrations or any other personal work. Pieces can be submitted here. To submit anonymously, use the following information as your own when prompted by Dropbox:

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Before the night is through

I look in the mirror and try to tell myself
I’ll be here in the morning

I fall to the floor and wish I never have to get up
I don’t want to have fun
I can’t have fun.
fun for me is not fun
it’s just fun for others

I am on the floor and no one comes
I am in bed and no one is listening
I am writing because I have to
Of course everyone wants to have fun. Together.
That is all anyone wants
and I’ll leave alone
before the parties

Now I’m hunched
over this paper
escaping, I could get myself out
but I can’t,
or I won’t,
I let it get here

I could leave this town
but I can’t
I could cry out loud
but I won’t
just into the palm of my hands
what have I done…
I am cold, and naked
when eyes are turned away. and I can see it on my face.

I’ll be here in the morning, I say.
It will all be here in the morning.

maybe next year,
I’ll still be here,
before the night is through.