Well, this is the penultimate post of Mile-High Soundwaves. It’s been a wild ride folks, and I’ve had a blast writing about the Denver music scene. Alas, this blog must eventually come to an end, but your experience with local music doesn’t have to. Denver is exploding with new artists, ranging from rap to rock (and despite this Reverb article, I will go to every Denver psych-rock show I possibly can). Listed below are some ways to keep in-tune with Colorado local musicians.


Go to shows at off-beat venues

This is definitely the best way to find some local gems. Chances are you won’t find local musicians at venues like Red Rocks or the Fillmore (unless you’re seeing acts like The Lumineers) unless the group is incredibly popular, so small venues are your best bet. Spots like the Hi-Dive or other bars like 3 Kings Tavern(check age restrictions before buying tickets) often host local gigs. DIY venues are also hot spots (Rhinoceropolis is the most popular), but people are always throwing shows in their backyards, so listen around for any impromptu concerts. To find out about upcoming DIY performances, it’s best to simply ask bands if they are playing any, or ask someone you’ve seen at other DIY venues. Just keep it courteous at DIY venues;?don’t leave trash, if you break something, pay for it, and if you make a mess, clean it up. Even if you don’t know the band playing, go ahead and drop in—you may be surprised.

3 Kings Tavern. Photo Courtesy of 3 Kings Tavern.
3 Kings Tavern. Photo Courtesy of 3 Kings Tavern.


Keep connected with social media

In the pre-internet era, word of mouth, advertisements and word of mouth were the way to spread the word about upcoming performances. But, in 2015, social media rules. Whether it be Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, musicians all across the world are taking advantage of these outlets to keep fans updated, and for local artists, it’s no different. In my opinion, Facebook is the best platform to find shows. Simply browse the pages of local artists, go to their event pages, and RSVP. Finding these shows usually leads to finding other ones too so you’ll always be entertained.


Check out local fests and other events

With festivals like the Underground Music Showcase and Bluebird District Music Festival, local bands receive multiple opportunities to play to Denver music enthusiasts. Local festivals are usually cheap and are always fun. Festivals aren’t the only way to stay connected—record stores like Twist and Shout have in-store performances all the time, and bonus: you can shop for your favorite records after the show. The Mutiny Information Cafe also has in-store performances occasionally, and posts events on their Facebook.

The Bluebird Theater. Courtesy of the Bluebird Theater Facebook page.
The Bluebird Theater. Courtesy of the Bluebird Theater Facebook page.

There you have it. These are some surefire ways to continue with the local love after Mile-High Soundwaves ends, and I know Denver’s scene is growing to a prominent one. Send pictures of the shows you attend to the Clarion via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram—we love to see what Pios are getting up to (make sure to tag us).


A couple great upcoming shows to check out:

The Velveteers at Dryer Plug Studios, September 25

Space Suits for Indians at Moe’s BBQ, October 11