The Head and the Heart to perform at Musicfest


One of the featured performers at DU’s annual Musicfest on May 25 in Magness Arena will be The Head and the Heart, a Seattle-based folk band.

“We are over-the-moon excited,” said Sam Estenson, USG president and DUPB Concerts co-chair .

Estenson said DUPB has been working with Amplitude Entertainment, a Boulder-based entertainment agency that deals specifically with student programming boards.

“They’ve been a huge help to us,” said Estenson.

The Ritchie Center has also been working with DUPB to host the event in Magness.

“The Ritchie Center has just been a huge support in all of this, giving us a lot of their know-how,” said Estenson. “I’m very confident this is just the first partnership that will be happening.”

All the student tickets will be general admission, with 6,000 seats available. Tickets sales will be opened to the public after students have had a chance to buy them. Student tickets will cost $9.95; student presale starts Friday, March 8.

Musicfest will take place on the last day of May Days.

“We think timing-wise it’s perfect,” said Estenson. “We hope this will be a big event students will look forward to.”

Other band names will be released as the event draws closer. Students can visit the DUPB Facebook Page for more information.

Gigi Peccolo is a sophomore currently majoring in Journalism and minoring in Spanish. Before DU, she went to Douglas County High School in Castle Rock, Colorado, where she served as co-editor of her high school paper during her senior year. She also participated in and received her diploma from the International Baccalaureate Program.

Gigi has been part of the Clarion since the beginning of her freshman year and, in addition to being assistant news editor, she also loves to write about entertainment. Since the field of journalism is changing, she isn’t exactly sure what she wants to do for her career but knows it will involve a lot of writing. In her free time, which comes along very rarely, Gigi likes to read and draw. She’s looking forward to working with the Clarion this year and hopes to continue writing for it during the rest of her college career.

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