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In episode “Absolution,” Revenge returns with vengeance and a turbulent roller coaster of a story line. With the show introducing new characters as quickly as it was getting rid of them, the tangled web was beginning to get messy. This week’s episode, however, wraps up the mess in a neat little bow to end the season.

Emily is helping Daniel in his battle to be his own person as well as be a Grayson, but when he is faced with different stories about his family and its infidelities, can he remain loyal or will he speak the truth?

Charlotte goes digging for answers about her father, David Clarke, but is unsure of what she will find. Continuing from the last episode, where Emily, or rather, Amanda, found out the Graysons had her father imprisoned and killed, she continues on a trail of clues found in the last of her father’s journals which Nolan kept from her.

Despite the mess of deceit created in this series, this episode showcases how such dishonesty can never last. Victoria has to face up to Charlotte about her father, Conrad has to tell Daniel the truth about his business and Nolan has to tell Emily a startling secret about her father.

A fan favorite, despite its deeply soap-operatic roots and overly complicated storyline, Revenge serves up a delightfully dramatic dish every week, a welcome change of pace due to the lack of quality primetime dramas. Sure, premium channels such as HBO and Showtime dish them out like cheap candy on Halloween, but in the world of cable television you normally find only soap operas in the afternoon or crime dramas at night.

As such, Revenge allows the viewer to be sucked into a whirlwind of treachery and betrayal in the Hamptons. Luckily, unlike many other dramas, Revenge recognizes the importance of plausibility from time to time. Bringing answers in every episode and recognizing such crazy manipulations can only withstand time for so long, the show tames its cheese factor with a refreshing dose of logic.

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