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The Best Colleges, an organization that ranks schools and programs all around the country, ranked the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management No. 18 in the nation in its genre of school.

The school, which is a part of Daniels College of Business (DCB), won the award based on its academics , awards, reputation, rankings, facilities and internship opportunities.

“I am always proud for the faculty, staff, students and alumni when the Daniels College of Business is recognized externally for its good work,” said Christine Riordan, dean of DCB. “We are providing an exceptional educational experience for our students and our faculty and staff work hard to make continuous improvements. It is great when our work is noticed.”

According to Riordan, DCB has been recognized for its excellence other times as well. In addition to being listed as one of the top 300 business schools in the Princeton Review, U.S News & World Report named the undergraduate program number 81 for best accredited business school and Business Week named it number 64 in the nation.

Business Week named the International Business program at DCB No. 23 in the nation, the Accounting program No. 15 and it was ranked No. 2 for ethics.

“I am proud of all of the external recognition,” said Riordan. “We have had some significant jumps this year in rankings. Our professional MBA program move from number 53 to number 25 and our undergraduate moved up 10 spots in the rankings – both with Business Week.”

The rankings also bring recognition to DCB, which has been commended before.

“Our faculty and staff teach across all programs, so any time one program is ranked, the entire college is ranked,” said Riordan.

David Corsun, associate professor and director of Knoebel, said the program deserves an even higher ranking.

“We are proud to have cracked the top 20, though as with all hospitality rankings to date this one is flawed,” he said. “My feeling is that the Knoebel School is definitely a top-10 program based on the quality of our students, the education they receive in the major and in the core business discipline classes in Daniels and the work experience they have.”

Corsun said last year, more than 10 percent of those hired into the Four Seasons management training program, a program that trains upcoming managers of the Four Seasons Hotels, came from Knoebel.

“With over 200 four-year degree programs in the country, that’s quite an accomplishment and is certainly a testimony to our high quality,” he said.

Riordan said she believes DCB will continue to grow in the ranks.

“Our deep commitment to developing ethical leaders, hands-on, personalized learning experiences we offer to students, the emphasis on continuous improvement and the Daniels community itself is what makes our college special,” she said.

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