Languages Center tutors, gives placement exams


Photo by: David Stewart

With the end of fall quarter fast approaching, language students now have another resource to help prepare for final exams: the Center for World Languages and Cultures.

The new center is located on the second floor of Sturm Hall in what used to be a lounge area near Lindsay Auditorium.

It will serve as a meeting place for students, an academic resource in which students can find language tutors, watch films in foreign languages and even socialize with international students attending DU.

Kathy Mahnke, who teaches in the Department of Languages and Literatures, is the center’s director.

The center also oversees the administering of language placement exams and proficiency exams for graduate students. The center offered its first proficiency exam two weeks ago.

Funding for the center has come from the Marsico Initiative, which also funded the start of the University Writing Center and the Math Center, both located in the Penrose Library.

The Center for World Languages and Cultures, with faculty from the languages and literatures department, aims to raise awareness of importance, quality and instruction of languages and cultures across campus.

This comes as the university focuses more and more on global citizenship.

“We are here to help prepare students to function in a global environment,” said Mahnke.

The center currently serves between 5-10 undergraduate students daily, according to Mahnke,.

She hopes to increase traffic to the center within the coming weeks before finals.

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